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TPTK River Decision

  • mysteryplayer (NY, NY)

$1/$2 Full Ring Live Cash Game

Mid 1 Limps

Mid 3 Raise $9 ($200 behind)

Hero CO Re-Raise $30 AsKh ($570 behind)

SB Calls ($450 behind)

Mid 1 Folds

Mid 3 Calls

3 to flop (~$90 pot)

Flop: K 6 2 rainbow

SB bets $50

Mid 3 folds

Hero calls – I thought about re-raising since SB donk bet but since we were relatively deep (SPR > 4), and SB called a 3-bet and bet into 2 players, I did not think I had fold equity and I did not want to bloat the pot and/or possibly play for stacks with 1 pair. Is this correct thinking?

I put villain on a range of AK, K10+, 22, 66+ (I discounted AA as I think villain would have re-raised pre-flop. I also discounted 22 and 66 because I’m not sure villain would have called a 3 bet pre flop with low pockets, but again, I kept all in his range). Also, villain is known to hero and is capable of stacking off with top pair (not necessarily top kicker).

Turn 9 (don’t remember suit but still rainbow)

SB bets 100

Hero calls keeping villain’s range same

River is a 7

SB bets $100

Hero?At this point, I thought about folding since top pair is usually only good for 2 streets. But it was such a dry board and villain definitely capable of going to river with top pair, weak kicker. Also, I was getting 5:1 so only needed to be good 16% of the time so I called. Was calling correct? I’ve run these numbers in poker cruncher and even with a narrower range (QQ+, AK, K9, 66, 22), I still have 32% equity so it looks like calling is correct.

Any correction to actions and/or decision-making always appreciated!

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