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Turn Decision

  • Bossman (Greensboro, NC)


Any way not to lose 100BB post flop here?  I do not like risking 100BB post flop on Top pair hands, however sometimes this seems inevitable.  The crucial decision seems to be on the turn.  

Should I have checked the turn on this dry board?  If I had villain probably would have bet and I would have called pot size bet or less. Since I bet, my standard size is around half pot.  With two opponents the SPR decreases much faster since the pot is bigger which makes it harder for me to fold compared to being heads up.  Against three opponents I definitely would be checking the turn.

Am I betting for value here or to protect hand.  There are not many ways I am beat, two pair seems unlikely.  Is betting for value against two opponents too aggressive with TPTK?

As played, I do not see how to fold to the min raise and if I just call the min raise I am never folding, so I shoved for added fold equity although villain did not have much left behind.

All input much appreciated. Thanks.

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