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Turn decision

  • Cathy Schenone (Elmira NY)

$1/3 cash game. I started the hand w $360. Utg+2 solid player raises to $15 I call on button with 1010, big blind calls as well. Flop is 7,8,9 rainbow. Original raiser bets $50. He has $100 left. I call feeling that I am behind but now have more outs with open ended straight draw. The big blind calls as well. I feel my the original raiser probably has AA, KK QQ, or JJ. I am less sure what the blind is over calling with. A9 suited? (His range is much wider based on previous play.. playing a variety of suited cards) I feel if he had 2 pair or better he would have raised to protect his hand. The turn is the 2 of hearts now putting 2 hearts on board. The blind checks, original raiser goes all in for $100. I thought for a long time and ultimately folded.

Things I considered were, can I count all my outs cleanly? If my opponent could have JJ that takes away 2 of my outs with the jacks, if I hit a set, he could make a straight. If he had bigger pairs then I felt all my outs were clean. The big blind still had to act... when determining pot odds do I figure both scenarios if he calls, if he folds? Should I consider that if the flush hits, again some of my outs are gone? And Of course he (the big blind) could shove over the top if I called... Do you agree with my decision to fold? Am I overthinking? Thanks

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