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Turned set puts a possible flush on the board, what do I do?

  • VinnieX (Ashburn, VA)

While playing in my weekly poker league we play on Poker Stars home games. It was the very first hand of the tournament, blinds were 15/30, starting stack was 2000 chips. I had KhKc, I was on the button. UTG+1 bet 60, MP2 called, and I raised to 150, SB folds, BB folds, UTG+1 calls, and MP2 calls. Flop is 5d6dJh. UTG1 bets 60 (yes 60), MP2 folds, and I raise to 350. UTG1 calls. turn is Kd. UTG1 bets 60 (yes 60 again). I shove all in. He shows Ad10d, turn is Qd.

Should I have just called with a coordinated board? Should I have shut down after the 3rd diamond hit the board, even though it gave me trip Kings?

I don't know if I was just unlucky or if I played it wrong. Please help.

Thank you!

Vincent Marchesano

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