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Was folding too tight on the flop?

  • Bossman (Greensboro, NC)

I did not C-bet due to three opponents per our guidelines, so after checking what should I do?  I have a gut shot to the nut straight and two over cards.  I do not think I can count the two over cards as six outs since two pair or a set is more likely due to three opponents seeing flop.  As played I folded which after thinking about it feel like this was a bad decision.  Should I have called?  If I do not call this what am I ever calling but I am out of position for a float.  Raising or check raising did not seem like a good choice since I was not sure if I had a true 8+ outs.   I feel this was a tight fold particularly since I was the pre flop aggressor.

Thanks for your help and insight.

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