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Was I too aggressive with this flush draw?

  • davidasavarese (Las Vegas)

1-2 game, effective stack 260.

Hero in HJ with AhTh. I had made several Continuation bets which I folded to raises recently

Villain on Button loose Aggressive.

Folds to me and I raise to 10 Only villain calls flop is 4h-5d-8h. I bet 10 Button raises to 25.

I range villain on wide range including Sets, 2 pair many 1 pair hands many draws. and possible straight. I figure a big bet would get a fold about 50% of the time and my draw is definitely good if called I make if 100 and she calls.

Turn is Ac bad that is not a heart but i do have a made hand and still the flushdraw I also have addition outs against the 2 pair hands

I shove the remaining 140.

would it have been better to call the flop raise. I though that Hitting my draw did not have great implied odds. because it was not well hidden and I had only 1 opponent and I was out of position? Also would it have been better to check call on the turn?

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