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What are good default 3 Betting Ranges?

  • chrmar40 (Toronto, Ontario)

I have been working with Poker Cruncher to develop some default 3 betting ranges. These ranges would be for cash games with roughly 100 BB effective stacks. Just wanted to get your feedback.

So my theory is to construct default 3 betting ranges that give 60% equity against our first in hand range charts. In absense of a read, these would be the ranges I would use to 3 bet an opening raise. Just wondering what you think of these default ranges?

Against an EP raise, 3 bet with AK, 99+. If I get 4 bet, then I will shove KK+.

Against an MP raise, 3 bet with AJ+, 77+. If I get 4 bet, then I will shove QQ+.

Against a LP raise, 3 bet with AT+,KQ,KJs, 66+. If I get 4 bet, then I will shove AK, JJ+.

Do these seem like reasonable default 3 betting ranges?

Do you see value in constructing default 3 betting ranges to use against tight and loose opponents or am I just over-analyzing things?

Nick also talked about polarized 3 betting ranges. I'm playing low stakes on-line cash games and tournaments (doubt it is necessary for me) but in what situations do you think it becomes necessary to start polarizing your 3 betting ranges, if ever?


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