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What criteria do I apply to a loose aggressive player

  • 111Jackhammr318 (Westside, CA)

Here is an interesting hand I played against a LAG.

Villain is playing alot of hands, but the only really solid information I have is:

1) He applies pressure with a wide range by open shoving from LP when the remaining players are <15bb. He was called twice, once by a short stack in the BB (he showed Ks2s); and once when he open jammed into a 13bb stack from CO. The BB tank called and he showed J6o.

2) He also has opened higher than normal from LP by shoving or raising; with no resistance. This is a small sample of 3 orbits, but noticeable.

3) His 3bet frequency, and calling frequency seem more normal, as he is mainly wider when first in

4) I can assume his EP and MP1 ranges are wider than normal, but most of his RFI that is wider, has been from LP.

So, here I am, facing an all-in 6 players from the bubble, with AJo. Against a the field this would be a fold, as most of this field plays pretty snug from MP1 and earlier...near the bubble.

I ran in HRC and the results are:

I tightened up HRC's default range of Villain to: 

A9s+,ATo+,KQ,66+, 75%KJo-KTo, 75% 55-44, 25% A2s-A5s, 25% 22-33, 25% KTs

With this range AJo is a +.19 ICM%eV this is close to the breakeven range that I can call against; any tighter its a fold, any wider its a call.

The full calling range for BB against this 6bb open and this opening range is: 77+,AJ+

The main questions are:

1) Is Villain still wider from MP1?

2) Is this the best spot, or are the opponents going to over fold, making first in a better spot to utilize my chips

Your thoughts?



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