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What is a fool proof way to verbalize a raise from the blinds?

  • donthomasj (Silver Spring, MD)

I try to always verbalize my bets, instead of just pushing in my chips, so that I do not make any chip denomination betting errors.

However, it seems like I have had conflicting "rules" on how to verbalize a raise from the blinds from different dealers, players, and casinos; so I am not 100% confident on a fool proof way to verbalize my raise when I am in the blinds.

So let's say that the blinds are 250/500, I am in the SB, the button raises to 1000, and I want to 3500 on top of the 250 chips sitting in front of me. What is the proper verbalization of this raise? I've gotten to the point where I say, "I raise an additional 3500 on top of my 250 SB bet", but that seems so awkward. Is there another precise way of stating this and it not be ambiguous to interpretation?


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