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What is a good Default range to put a player on who 3 bets from late position?

  • davidasavarese (Las Vegas)

I have been loosing alot of money with AK in early position. Most recently I was in a 1-2 game with 250 effective stacks. I had AKo UTG and made it 11. loose MP1 player calls. Solid button makes it 32.

opponents on a 3 bet range of This is a raise or Fold. I have been putting opponents on a 3 bet range of 99+, AJ+, So I 4 bet to 75. MP player folds and button Makes it 175. I now range him at QQ+, AK. I fold. With AA and KK more likely that QQ or AK even considering that I hold 2 of those cards

The questions I have all assume unknown or known reasonable and competent players

Is my Range of 99+, AJ+ too wide?

Should I fold after the 3 bet?

Is the 5 bet range of QQ+,AK appropriate?

Was folding to the 5 bet correct?

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