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What is the best betting line for strong but not nut flushes

  • 111Jackhammr318 (Westside, CA)

8 handed


Hero in SB with $400

MP1 opens for $13 with $400 behind

MP3 calls with $300 behind

CO calls with $150 behind

Hero calls in SB with Jc9c

BB calls with $300 behind

Pot: $65


Qh 2s 8c

Checks around



Hero bets $45

BB folds

MP1 calls

MP3 calls

Rest fold

Pot: $200



What should Hero's plan be here with 3rd nut flush OOP?

Check / call river?

Check / raise river?

Bet / call river?

Bet / fold river?

What about if Hero was in position?

Bet if checked to?

Raise if bet at by one opponent? Call if bet at by two opponents?

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