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What should have been the correct approach

  • DoubleUpDave (Maryland )

 If i would have did hand range preflop i could put him on Ak,AQ,AJ, maybe A10 suited, KQ suited or pocet pairs because of the raise preflop. Then could have revaluated. 

Should I have raised or folded this hand preflop instead of limping?

Probably should have just folded to his flop bet. Knowing he could have a set or better king, maybe KJ(which I doubt he would have raised with preflop). By just checking my king on flop it could have let him continue with weaker hands as well if he would have had them.

Should i have done a bet (donk) on the flop of 4000 or 5000 to see where he was? Instead of checking. 

Had history he was playing wide and was actually on his 3rd bullet.

Please share ideas. Of corse he turned up Aces. But im more interested in correct play.



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