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What's the best way to evaluate AK when hero is 3bet preflop?

  • 111Jackhammr318 (Westside, CA)


6 handed online

Hero MP2 with AcKd and 100bb

BB with 120bb

SB with 50bb

Hero opens to 4bb

Folds to SB who calls

BB 3bets to 16bb

Back to hero

4bet and how much against a 50bb and 120bb opponent?

Any case for calling?

Should here 4bet all in?

There is 24bb in the pot and hero has 96bb behind...a 4bet by default would be 48bb so a shove is warranted...

But a shove does limit the range of calling hands?

Hero only has 4bb invested and is looking at potential 3way action for effective stacks...

Your thoughts? On this hand and situations like this?



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