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Where was this hand misplayed

  • r8rh8r98 (Gilbert AZ)

I can't decide where I made my mistake....preflop or post- flop.  Being the big blind with pocket tens, I didn't feel my hand was strong enough to three bet with but it was way too strong to not defend the big blind with.  Perhaps I should've three bet against a MP raise.  Once the flop came out and he bet, it seemed that it was just a pure C-bet since that flop interacted with my range from the big blind far better than his from a MP seat so I called.

When the turn came out and he bet $3000, it was so much of my stack that I decided a call was going to be pot committing anyway so I may as well jam now and try to get a fold rather than give him another card, especially with the two flush draws.  Since I called the original preflop raise rather than three bet, should I have been playing my hand for set value alone and just folded to the C-bet?  Should I have raised on the flop?  Should I have folded or called on the turn?

Is this a case of one bad step or multiple bad steps?  I know I played it wrong, I just can't decide where I screwed up.  HELP!

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