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Which rule takes precedence

  • 111Jackhammr318 (Westside, CA)

J♠J♥ on the Turn, what do you do here?

DECISION POINT: In a Cash Game, it folds to the Hijack who raises. The Cutoff folds, and you reraise from the Button with J♠J♥. The Blinds fold and the Hijack calls. The Flop comes 8♣4♣8♠. The Hijack checks, you bet, and the Hijack calls. The Turn is the Q♦. The Hijack checks. Action is on you, what do you do here?

I agree with the betting line here, where we bet/check flop/turn, and check behind or call the river...unless Hero improves or decides to get value based on HJ hand range and river card.

The question that this brings up is which LearnWPT rule takes precedence?

We are taught to bet flop as the preflop aggressor heads up nearly 100% of the time

Which Hero as the button does

On the turn HJ checks

The Qd hits on the turn...this is a scare card that by default Hero would fire a second bullet with

The preflop aggressor betting line: If an A,K,Q hits as an overcard on a board (and doesn't smack Villain's range), the preflop aggressor should fire a second bullet with our made hands and our air

Yet the continuation betting matrix has us checking the turn on a dry board in position with our top pair type hands.

Do we fire a second bullet on the turn with our Air? Do we fire a second bullet with our strong made hands and draws?

Or do we check behind on our full range?

Which rule takes precedence?

After thinking about this, I realize I now polarize my turn betting on a dry board:

I fire the second bullet on the turn with the top of my range TPTK+, 8+outs and the bottom of my range...Air hands

And I check behind with my medium equity hands....mainly middle to low pair hands that have some showdown value against Villain's turn checking range...

Hero should really have some nut hands in this check behind range or a good villain will understand our range is capped and could attack Hero hard on the river...

Or does Learn recommending checking behind with full range here on the turn?

If I check behind on the turn, then, on the river, I check behind or call with my medium equity hands to use my hand as a bluff catcher or to maximize my showdown value...and I bet/raise with my high equity hands.

If hero does bet the turn with the polarized range mentioned above, then I would plan on firing the river for value with my top equity hands, and potentially a few bluffs (12+out missed draws and maybe some run outs where Hero has good blockers)...

I would guess Hero should have a value/bluff ratio on the river of at least 2:1 with this 3street betting hand.

Could you provide some clarity Eric?



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