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A Word From Lynn Gilmartin

Anchor of the World Poker Tour, Lynn Gilmartin has a few words to share with you if you’re considering joining the Pros at a LearnWPT Live Workshop.


"I've taught with Nick Binger and I have seen how easily he shares complex material in a way that anyone can understand. I can confidently say anyone who studies with him in any capacity will be in good hands."

Vanessa Selbst World Renowned Professional Poker Player

"If you're serious about your game, you have to be serious about poker education. I've never seen a good player that didn't feel like they needed to learn more about the game."

Eric "Rizen" Lynch Author, Winning Poker Tournaments One Hand at a Time (vols 1-3)

"Your instructor, Nick Binger, really knows how to break down elements of the game to be easily understood without becoming overwhelmed. And he'll provide you with a game plan to ensure that next time you take a seat at a poker table you can be confident in your choices."

Lynn Gilmartin Anchor, World Poker Tour