Study Session: ICM & Satellites
WPT World Championship

Nov. 15, 2023, 3 p.m.
All times are Pacific

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Get Prepared for The WPT® World Championship at Wynn Las Vegas
Study Session 5: ICM, Bubble, and Satellite Strategy With Team LearnWPT

Wednesday, November 15th
3PM Pacific | 6PM Eastern Time

Over the next 2 months Team LearnWPT is hosting Study Sessions for Members to get your game ready to dominate the WPT® World Championship Festival at Wynn Las Vegas this November 29 - December 23, 2023.

For each poker Study Session we'll provide a selected curriculum that focuses on specific concepts and habits essential for tournament success and we'll host LIVE Member-only sessions to focus on key strategy concepts for each topic, answer questions, and address nagging issues in your game.

Today's Live Study Session is focused on Bubble, ICM, and Satellite Strategy!

Join this Live, Interactive MEMBER EXCLUSIVE Study Session with Team LearnWPT who will focus on the factors you need to consider when facing a tough decision on the Bubble, specific differences between satellites and traditional multi-table tournaments, and how ICM influences hand ranges and betting.

Spend some time with LearnWPT Instructors Eric "Rizen" Lynch and Adrian Naggy who will be talking about:

  • Bubble Play 
  • Strategic Adjustments for Satellites
  • ICM Pressure on Hand Ranges
  • And Answering YOUR Questions

Join us for some great poker discussion with Members and your LearnWPT Instructors. Bring your questions and get ready to learn and study with fellow Members and Team LearnWPT!

Meet Your Instructor Eric Lynch


✔ 3 Major WSOP Final Tables

✔ More than $5 Million in tournament winnings

✔ Author of Winning Poker Tournaments One Hand at a Time, Vols. I, II, III

✔ Over a decade of Professional Poker Coaching Experience

Known in cyberspace as "Rizen", Eric Lynch's internet poker career took off when he won the PokerStars Million Dollar Guaranteed Tournament in May 2006 and took the prestigious Tournament Leader Board award for that month. Eric has made over 300 Final Tables in high profile online and WSOP tournaments including placing 3rd in a Pot Limit WSOP Event in 2006.

Eric is the acclaimed author of Winning Poker Tournaments One Hand at a Time, Vols. I, II, and III, considered the most comprehensive collection of expert hand analysis in print. Rizen also excels at the cash game tables, having logged thousands of profitable hours both live and online. As an instructor for LearnWPT and the World Poker Tour® has had the privilege of helping thousands of students from all skill levels grow into successful players during the past 15 years teaching alongside Nick Binger for the World Poker Tour. Ask any of his students what separates Eric from other poker instructors and they’ll say it is his ability to make the game more understandable for all players, no matter their skill or experience level.

Meet Your Instructor Adrian Naggy


✔ LearnWPT Chief Operating Officer

✔ Dedicated Student of the Game

✔ Over 10,000 Tournaments Played in the Last 7 Years

Adrian Naggy's journey in poker started at a very young age playing at the kitchen table with family. During a weekly “call your round” home game in 2002, No-Limit Texas Hold’em was introduced and he never looked back. After seeing The Great Dane Gus Hansen take down the first WPT Title on Television he was hooked. Adrian began to play online and sought out every piece of strategy advice available through books, videos, and online forums. In 2012 he left a career in Technology Construction to pursue poker full time.

An avid online grinder, Adrian averages 1,500 tournaments per year and is playing more live events including joining Team LearnWPT On Tour at WPT stops. With a 17 year career in scholastic and olympic style wrestling as the backbone, Adrian’s discipline and determination are a driving force behind his desire to become the #1 ranked tournament player in the world. A fixture at LearnWPT Live Workshops, WPT Live Events, Adrian loves meeting and helping LearnWPT students of experience levels achieve their poker goals.


  1. Q: When is the Live Study Session?
    A: The Study Session is Wednesday, November 15, 2023 and will begin at 3PM Pacific Time / 6PM Eastern Time.

  2. Q: Do I need to be a LearnWPT Member?
    A: Yes! Live Study Sessions are exclusive to Members only. You must be logged in to your Membership to join the Webinar. To login go to and enter your username and password. 

  3. Q: I am not a Member. How do I join?
    A: To purchase a Membership for just $5 the first month simply click the red GAIN ACCESS or white JOIN NOW buttons at the top of the page, enter your information and click Subscribe. That's it! You'll receive an email to set your password and tips for using your new LearnWPT Membership. For more information about the LearnWPT Membership Tiers click here.

  4. Q: How do I join the Study Session?
    A: Registration begins 10 minutes before the scheduled start time. There will be a button that says JOIN WEBINAR. Click JOIN WEBINAR and enter the email address associated with your LearnWPT Membership to be granted access then proceed to the session in progress or waiting room. If you arrive before registration has begun, the JOIN button will say: CHECK BACK SOON. You can reload the page in your browser to check if registration has begun.

  5. Q: How do I ask a question during the Study Sessionr? Will my question be answered?
    A: During each session you can ask a question by clicking the question icon and typing into the chat box that appears on your webinar screen. You can also send us your questions ahead of time to [email protected]. As many questions as possible will be answered during the Question and Answer period scheduled as part of each session. If we miss any please send follow-up questions using the LearnWPT Ask a Pro feature.

  6. Q: Can I attend the Study Session from a mobile device?
    A: It is possible to join a LearnWPT Study Session using a mobile device however, the experience is optimized and easiest to use on Desktop devices such as a PC or Mac computer. When joining from mobile click VIEW IN BROWSER to join the Webinar and you will not need to download the ClickMeeting app.
  7. Q: I am experiencing an issue hearing or viewing the Webinar. Is there a technical problem?
    A: Members using the Microsoft Edge browser (or not the latest version of your current browser) may experience audio issues during the event. We suggest using the Google Chrome or Safari browser when attending the session. If you don't have Google Chrome installed on your device already, click here for instructions:
  8. Q: I can't attend the Live Study Session. Is there any way to watch it later?
    A: Yes! You can watch and review previous Study Sessions and Webinars from the Webinars page by clicking WEBINARS in the top navigation bar or via the menu on mobile. 

  9. Q: Will the Study Session be repeated?
    A: Yes! In the next two months we will be hosting Live Study Session to get your game prepared for the 2023 WPT® World Championship at Wynn Las Vegas. You can visit this page regularly for the schedule.

  10. Q: Is there a place to continue the Study Session discussions?  
    A: Yes! Talk with your LearnWPT peers about any of the strategies discussed in the Community Forums.

  11. Q: What if I have a suggestion for a Webinar or Live Study Session?
    A: We’d love to hear it! Let Team LearnWPT know at the end of the Session or email [email protected] with your suggestions.

If you need assistance logging in or joining the Webinar contact the LearnWPT Support Team at [email protected].

We look forward to seeing you online!
-Team LearnWPT

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