8♠8♣ Preflop vs a Tight Opponent, what do you do here?

DECISION POINT: In a Tournament, a tight player raises in Early Position. It folds around to you in the Big Blind with 8♠8♣. Action is on you, what do you do here?

PRO ANSWER: With open raises of 5 BB or more and 50 BB or lower stacks, we should not have a calling range from the Big Blind in most cases. We should typically reraise or fold in this spot.

Against an unknown opponent raising UTG+1 pre-antes on a 10-handed table, we can assign our opponent a default range of around 10% of hands, which includes most pairs and most suited broadways. When Villain has that range we should fold 88 given this raise size and these stacks.

If our opponent opened to 3 BBs, we should defend our blind by calling, but at 5BBs we should simply fold. Calling to see flops for 4 BBs or more out of position won’t be profitable at this stack depth.

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If they are opening a wider range from EP than default, then we should move all-in preflop with our 88. For example, if our opponents are opening 20% of hands from this seat, then shoving with our 88 is quite profitable.

Given the info provided, folding is the best play.

How would you play it?
Share your answer in the comments below!



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