A♠10♥ on the Flop, what do you do here?

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Decision Point: In a Tournament it folds to you in the Hijack seat and you raise with A♠10♥. It folds to the Big Blind who calls. The Flop comes 4♦5♦10♣. The Big Blind checks and you bet. The Big Blind raises All-In. Action is on you, what do you do here?

Pro Answer: In this hand we raised preflop with AT and were called by the player in the Big Blind. After flopping top pair, we continuation bet and our opponent check-raises us all-in. Do we call or fold?

Whenever analyzing the relative hand strength of a poker hand, we should pay attention to number of opponents and stack depth. In this case, we have a single opponent and very shallow stacks, since we started the hand with less than 20 big blinds. Both of these factors are favorable for one pair hands.

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Had we been deeper stacked and against multiple opponents, we could potentially fold top pair on the flop after getting check-raised.

However, given that we are shallower and now getting nearly 2-1 pot odds to call the all-in, we are committed with top pair, top kicker. There are worse one pair hands in our opponent's range than top pair with an ace kicker.

Always pay attention to stack size relative to the pot when gauging the strength of your hand. With these stacks, we should not fold top pair, top kicker.

Calling is the best play.

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