A♠J♥ vs a Raise & Call, what do you do here?

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In a Cash Game after one player limps, a frequent preflop raiser chooses to raise from the MP2 seat. The player in the Hijack seat calls and action is on you with A♠J♥ in the Small Blind. What do you do?

PRO ANSWER: Whether or not to reraise or fold in this situation depends on your assessment of your opponent hand ranges. Calling is out the question because that would invite a multiway pot when you are out of position with a hand that performs poorly multiway.

In this case, your primary concern would be the range of the raiser in the MP2 seat. Since they are raising a limper, their hand range is likely much wider than if they reraised a raiser. Had the UTG+2 player raised and the MP2 player reraised, this would be a straightforward fold with AJ from the SB. In addition, the read on the MP2 player was that their preflop raising ranges are wide.

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This is also a squeeze play, since the MP2 player is aware of the presence of the Hijack player and should be less willing to call a reraise for fear of the player behind them. This increases the profitability of raising.

If you are called by one of these opponents, following up with a continuation bet will generally be profitable on the flop.

Given all these factors, reraising should show a healthy profit in this spot with AJ.

Reraising is the best play.

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