A♦K♦ vs a Raise and a Call, what do you do here?

DECISION POINT: In a Tournament, an Early Position player raises and it folds around to the Small Blind who calls. You are in the Big Blind with A♦K♦. Action is on you, what do you do here?

PRO ANSWER: AK suited is well ahead of both players’ ranges and we should reraise both for value and to deny our opponents their equity.

There is a raise to 2.1 BBs and a flat call from the Small Blind, with both players only starting with about 23 BBs. There really isn’t room for 3-betting smaller to be more profitable than jamming. This is a great effective stack size to shove.

Another way to think about this is to have a shoving threshold as a percentage of the effective stack.

So if more than a certain amount goes in with a standard raise, that raise instead becomes an all-in. Many players use 1/3 of the effective stack as a rule of thumb.

Continued below…

A standard raise out of position from the Blinds would be 3 times the total raise amount plus any callers. In this case 3*2.1 + 2.1 = 8.4 BBs (or 8400 chips). That represents about 37% of the effective stack.

Since this standard raise is more than about a 1/3 of the effective stack, we can simply move all-in instead.

Moving all-in is the best play.

How would you play it?
Share your answer in the comments below!



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