Have You Used LearnWPT The Hand Input Tool?

If yes, THANK YOU and congratulations on taking another step in improving your game!

If no, let's change that today!

So, what exactly is HIT?

The Hand Input Tool (HIT), is a LearnWPT feature that allows Members to capture, replay, and share real hands they've played and receive analysis and feedback from the LearnWPT Pros.

See below for info, hints, and the benefits of this powerful feature:

Getting Started:

Hit - Getting Started-reszd.png

Login and access HIT from the top navigation bar or via the mobile menu. For more instructions watch the "Show Me How it Works" video on the HIT Dashboard or review Episode 226: Hand Input Tool (HIT).

Recording your hand:

  1. To begin, click the red ENTER A HAND NOW BUTTON
  2. Select Cash or Tournament and enter the Blinds Amount, Type and Amount of Ante, Number of Players, then click the NEXT button
  3. Follow the onscreen prompts to record the hand information and street action
  4. Use these shortcuts when entering hole card information for quicker recording:
    • Type the first letter or number of the card value and suit versus clicking each option to select your card
      • Example: type "a" + "c" to select the A♣ or type "2" + "d" to select the 2♦
    • Use the +/- keys to increase/decrease values or click your cursor into the field box and manually type the value

Helpful Hint: Click the EXIT SESSION → button in the top right-hand corner of the screen to stop the hand at a specific point for analysis before getting to showdown

Receiving Feedback:

Hit - Ask a Pro-reszd.png

Members can submit their recorded HIT hands to Nick Binger and the LearnWPT Pros for analysis of their play and get answers to questions about a specific move or strategy using the Ask a Pro Feature.

Sending your hand in for feedback:

  1. Once finished recording your hand, the action will replay and a pop-up will appear noting options for your hand
  2. Click the ASK A PRO button to submit your hand for analysis
  3. Enter a title, your question or comment, and click the SEND YOUR QUESTION button
  4. That's it! The LearnWPT Pros will provide feedback shortly

Helpful Hint: Use the Sort By button to select HIT on the Ask a Pro page to review 500+ already answered submitted hands

HIT Helpful Hints:

HIT - ellipsis.png

Our goal is to make HIT an easy to use and personal experience. Be sure to share with us any suggestions.

Did you know you can:

  1. Update the name of a hand by clicking the NL Cash or NL Tourney fields in the top center of the screen
  2. Change the name/nickname of a player and their chip stack by clicking their position tile Update the PLAYER NAME and CHIP STACK fields then click the NEXT button
  3. Replay, edit, or delete hands you've saved from your HAND LIBRARY by clicking the thumbnail image or vertical ellipsis
  4. Use these shortcuts while reviewing the replay of a hand for quicker navigation:
    • Pause/Restart Action = Space Bar
    • Show Hole Cards = "H" Key
    • Move Action Forward/Backward = Right/Left Arrow Keys
    • Toggle Stacks Between Big Blinds/Chips = "B" Key
    • Toggle Between Player and Position Names = "A" Key

The habit of recording hands you've played followed by analysis (and feedback) creates a positive feedback loop for improvement which allows you to find (and fix) leaks faster, while learning to make better decisions at the table.

We are exited to provide this invaluable tool for our Members to help create that loop and to provide them with guidance and helpful feedback.

Thanks for being a part of LearnWPT!
-The LearnWPT Team

Have Questions or need assistance?
Email us at [email protected] and we'll be happy to answer any of your questions.

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