Join us in Congratulating Tazo and Shirley!

When we created LearnWPT our goal was to help improve the games of poker players who love the game as much as we do.

We’re blown away by all the emails we get from LearnWPT Members! Not only about the success they’ve been having at the poker tables since joining, but also about what poker means to them and how it’s changed their lives.

Unfortunately we don't have room to post all of them, but here's some inspiration we got from LearnWPT Members Tazo and Shirley, from Las Vegas, NV:

Tazo and Shirley - optmzd.png

"My wife, Shirley, and I have more than 150 years combined. I am in my 71st year as a retired entrepreneur and Shirley is in her 81st year as a retired nurse and long-time Vegas resident.

I have dabbled at poker for a number of years. A few years ago Shirley asked me to teach her. I told her that poker takes a lot of work, and like the piano, not many take it up late in life… she took my casual comment as “fighting words” and immediately responded to the challenge! You need to know, Shirley helped her first husband host small family poker games in their basement more than forty years ago…she did the food and snacks…she never played…only the guys…some notable names...

I had books, some old DVDs, poker notes from over the years, but nothing coherent and certainly nothing presented in short digestible lessons. That’s when I tried LearnWPT on a weekly then monthly basis and for the last half year, I have subscribed for a year.

The bottom line, playing and learning how to actually have a winning tournament poker "game" at our age has changed our lives dramatically!

We play at lower levels in Vegas, buy-ins in $80 to $250 ranges, but both cash consistently, in 30-35% range, and played 300+ tournaments last year. Since we both have some medical constraints…only occasionally do we attempt deeper stack tournaments. We have done quite well early last year at Binion’s when they had their $10,000 guaranteed for $160 buy-in. In the past few months, while Shirley has been recovering from a knee replacement, I have played deeper stack tournaments a few times a month at The Mirage, Aria, and The Venetian…but again in the $150 to $250 buy-in range.

We find that our elderly ailments and old age pains completely disappear when we are at a poker table focusing on Nick’s fundamental approach to understanding what is going on and how we can exploit situations. Poker definitely keeps our mental game engaged and focused, not only do we love it, but clearly it is extremely healthy!

We thought that since most of your members are younger, you should know that there is a need for two old new revitalized poker players!

Thanks, Tazo and Shirley."

Congratulations on your poker success, Tazo and Shirley! 👏

As a students of the game, Tazo and Shirley have the LearnWPT mindset that a little bit of studying away from the table, done consistently over time, will put you on the path to success. And more importantly...they are having fun doing it!

LearnWPT can do the same for you and your poker game! Try your first month of LearnWPT for only $5, and you could be our next Inspirational Story!

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