Flopped 2 Pair with Q♥9♥, what do you do here?

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In a Cash Game, you see a flop of Q♠9♣8♠ with six opponents. On the flop the Small Blind checks, the Big Blind bets, 2 players fold and 2 players call. You are on the Button with Q♥9♥. Action is on you, what do you do here?

PRO ANSWER: We should move all-in on the flop both for value and to deny our opponents their equity.

We can get called by plenty of worse hands after we shove, so we are happy to get the chips in here for value. Hands like Q8, 98, QJ and QT are all in our opponent's hand ranges and will often pay us off on a raise.

In addition, draws such as any two spades, 67, and T7 all have significant equity against our hand and should be charged to draw.

We only have about a pot-sized raise left in our stack, so no other raise size besides all-in makes sense, especially since we would like to deny equity to draws.

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We are not deep enough to be concerned with running into JT or the other big hands. The fact that the preflop raiser c-bet this flop is great for us since many opponents would not raise preflop in that spot with JT.

We will run into a better hand some of the time, but overall this is a very profitable spot to move all-in.

Shoving is the best play.

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