K♠9♠ near the Bubble with a Big Draw, what do you do here?

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In a daily live Tournament there are 12 players left and 9 get paid. You complete from the Small Blind with K♠9♠ after the Button limps, and the Big Blind checks. The flop comes J♦8♠7♠ and you are first to act. What do you do here?

PRO ANSWER: This is an excellent opportunity to for us to check with the intention of check-raising all-in against most bets. The effective stack is just about perfect for a check-raise all-in. Compared to open-shoving, this allows us to win an additional bet while still creating plenty of fold equity.

Also, getting checked around isn’t a bad outcome for us. We really don’t mind free cards and not getting all-in here given the ICM considerations (if we do check and it checks through, we should continue to check on most turn cards).

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Overall, when we check on this flop an opponent betting or checking are both great results for us.

Open-jamming is certainly profitable given the strength of our hand and opponent ranges, but overall check-raising all-in will be the most profitable line.

Check-raising all-in is the best play.

What would you do here?
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