K♥Q♥ Facing an All-in, what do you do here?

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In a six handed Tournament where blinds are 800/1,600 it folds to the Cutoff who raises to 4,000. You call from the Button with K♥Q♥, the Small Blind folds, and the Big Blind completes. The Big Blinds checks the 4♥5♠8♥ flop. The Cutoff bets 7,500, you call, and the BB calls. The turn comes the Q♣. The BB checks and the Cutoff goes all-in for 28,500. Action is on you, what do you do here?

PRO ANSWER: Six handed in a multi-table tournament at 800/1,600 blinds we are dealt KQs on the Button. It folds around to Cutoff who opens to 4,000. We elect to defend our Button by calling. If we were facing Blinds who liked to squeeze, re-raising may be a better decision here but against more passive/weak blinds calling here is a good play. The Small Blind folds and the Big Blind calls and we see a flop.

The flop is 4h5s8h and we currently have two over cards and a flush draw. The Big Blind checks to the original raiser who continuation bets a little over half pot, or 7,500 chips. With two over cards and a flush draw this is a great spot for us to float on the flop and if we miss our hand on the turn we can still win if our opponent checks to us and we take an aggressive action. We call and the Big Blind calls as well.

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The turn is the Qc. We now have top pair with a decent kicker and a flush draw. The Big Blind checks and the Cutoff moves all-in for 28,500. Our hand is simply too strong to fold here, so do we raise or just call?

If we raise in this spot the Big Blind is likely to call with just about every hand that beats us in their range, and very few of the hands that we beat. We have two hearts so we shouldn’t be concerned about denying equity from draws here, as most of the hands we’re ahead of have 5 outs at most.

Given these two key factors moving all-in seems unnecessary here, while just calling allows us to potentially get some action from worse hand still that should be drawing extremely thin.

Calling is the best play.

How would you play it?
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