K♥Q♥ Multiway on the Flop, what do you do here?

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In a Tournament, UTG limps and the UTG+1 player raises. You call from middle position with K♥Q♥ as does MP2 and the UTG limper. Flop comes J♥8♥4♣. The original raiser c-bets and action on is on you. What do you here?

PRO ANSWER: Once we see the flop we can very profitably semi-bluff raise all-in. Our hand has plenty of equity against reasonable opponent ranges, plus in this multiway pot we can put a lot of pressure on both MP2 and the UTG limper.

If we raise over UTG+1’s continuation bet our opponent will fold out a variety of hands that have decent equity against our hand. Taking down an uncontested pot that increases our stack by 50% is of course a great outcome for us (and one that is not that unlikely).

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Calling the bet on the flop is also profitable, but creating fold equity with a shove on the flop will be the most profitable line against the majority of opponents we face.

Moving all-in is the best play.

How would you play it?
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