Learn How to Ask a Pro!

Members can ask written questions and get clear, concise, answers from LearnWPT Pros. You can review and search for questions posted by your fellow Members or you can ask a question of your own.

Here are some helpful tips on using the Ask a Pro Feature (note: you must be logged in to your Membership to use Ask a Pro):

Navigation Bar:

Navigation Bar - AAP.jpg

Members can click Ask A Pro in the navigation bar (pictured above) or by selecting from the drop down menu in the top left hand corner on mobile devices.


AAP - Username.jpg

You can create a username in two ways:

  • Start asking a question and the system will prompt you for your username
  • Create your username on your My Account Page by clicking Change username & hometown
    • Note: Your username is for Ask a Pro submissions only and cannot be used to login to LearnWPT. You can not use your email address as your Ask A Pro username.
    • If the username you choose is already taken you will receive an error message. Please pick another username.

Ask or Search Questions:

AAP - Ask Question.jpg

To start Asking a Pro:

  • Click in the white area right below "How can we help?" and start typing your topic or question and hit enter
  • For example: How do I 3-Bet Against Aggressive Opponents?

Give The Pros Your Details:

AAP - Full Question.jpg

Write your full question or detailed scenario in the Question box.

  • Once finished click the "SEND YOUR QUESTION!" button
  • That's it! Our Pros will get to your question shortly

Sort Function:

AAP - Sort and Filter.jpg

We've made it easy to find the questions you want to review most.

  • Use the Sort By menu to view questions by title, most viewed, most recent, HIT Hands, or author
  • Use the Filter Buttons to view your submitted questions, questions that have not been answered, or all questions answered by the Pros


AAP - Comments.jpg

Join current discussions with fellow Members and our Pros.

  • Click the blue "Comments" Button beneath each Member Question or Pro Answer and post your thoughts!
  • Have a follow-up question or comment for the Pro? Simply click the "Comments" button on the Pros's answer. You'll receive a follow-up reply!

If you need have any questions or need any assistance please click the “Contact” link at the bottom of all pages on LearnWPT or email us at [email protected] and we will be happy to help.

Thank you for being a Member of LearnWPT!

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