Learn How to Ask a Pro!

Members can ask written questions or record video questions and get clear, concise, answers from LearnWPT Pros. You can review and search for questions posted by your fellow Members or you can ask a question of your own.

Here are some helpful tips on using the Ask a Pro Feature (note: you must be logged in to your Membership to use Ask a Pro):

Navigation Bar:

Navigation Bar - AAP.jpg

Members can click Ask A Pro in the navigation bar or by selecting from the drop down menu in the top corner on mobile devices.


AAP - Username.jpg

Create a unique username for the Ask a Pro and Community Forums:

  • Create your username on your My Account Page by clicking Change username & hometown
    • Note: Your username is for Ask a Pro submissions only and cannot be used to login to LearnWPT. You can not use your email address as your Ask A Pro username
    • If your chosen username is already taken you will receive an error message and will need to select a different username

Ask a Pro - My Profile.png

  • Add a custom Avatar by clicking My Profile → Edit Profile
    • Select an image to upload and click SUBMIT
    • Have a favorite quote or email signature? Add it under Signature and it will be added to the end of all of your posts

Ask or Search Questions:

aap how to - border

To send a written question to Ask a Pro:

  • Click the blue NEW TOPIC button to post your question
  • Enter your question in the subject line in the form of a question
    • For example: How do I 3-Bet Against Aggressive Opponents?

Give The Pros Your Details

Ask a Pro - Post Question.png

Write your full question or detailed scenario in the Message box.

  • Once finished click the "SUBMIT" button
  • That's it! Our Pros will get to your question shortly

Your Posts:

Ask a Pro - Subscribe Posts.png

We've made it easy to find the questions you want to review most.

  • To view all of your posts click the View My Posts button
  • Want to follow a topic or post from another Member or Pro? Click the green SUBSCRIBE button at the bottom of any post
  • View all all of the posts you are following by clicking the Subscriptions button


aap reply

Join current discussions with fellow Members and our Pros.

  • Click the blue POST REPLY button beneath each Member Question or Pro Answer and post your thoughts!
  • Have a follow-up question or comment for the Pro? Simply post your comment using the POST REPLY button and you'll receive a follow-up reply!


Think Like a Pro

If you need have any questions or need any assistance please click the Need Help? button or email us at [email protected] and we will be happy to help.

Thank you for being a Member of LearnWPT!

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