WPA Warm Up Follow-up and more!

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Thank you for attending this great event! We hope you enjoyed the LearnWPT poker strategy instruction with Nick Binger at the WPA Warm Up at Commerce.

Here are a few points from this session to remember whenever you are at the tables...

  • First-In Strategy:
    • Raise or fold, do NOT call
    • Your goal is to restrict the number of opponents seeing the flop to 1 or 2 on average
    • Find your "standard" raise size for each level.A raise size resulting in 3+ callers is NOT working

  • Making Moves:
    • Making moves is necessary to becoming a winning player
    • Work best against fewer opponents. Rarely bluff in multiway pots
    • You must become comfortable with situational poker

  • Thinking in Big Blinds:
    • Allows you to think about stacks in a consistent way
    • Provides a guideline for when to make moves
    • Divide Stack by the amount of the Big Blind to get Number of BBs in stack (ex: Blinds 50/100 you have 3400 – 34 Big Bind stack)

  • Moves for Different Stack Sizes:
    • If it folds around to you with less than 10 BBs in stack, either fold or move all-in. Do not limp or call!
    • Reshoving is powerful with 10-20 BB stacks. Ideal stack size for reshoving is around 6x the initial raise amount
    • With 30-50 BBs reraising exerts pressure on the raiser and allows you to win uncontested pots. As a default, make it 3x their raise size

  • Overcoming your fears:
    • Aggression wins in Poker
    • Practice making moves! Fear prevents us from accumulating lots of chips and becoming a chip leader
    • Enjoy playing the game and you will have a better chance of success

As an added bonus you can download the LearnWPT Poker Strategy Guide taught during the WPA Warm Up event at Commerce by clicking the button below.

Ways to continue your education....

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Thank you again for a great event!

Good luck and good playing,
Nick and the LearnWPT Team

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