Is Your Mental Game The Weak Link? Ask Jared!

If you are like most players at your local casino or card-room, you are ignoring a crucial element to winning poker that has nothing to do with the hand you hold or the card that falls on the river.

It’s what’s happening between your ears –

Ignoring your Mental Game can mean a vicious cycle of repeating mistakes, eroding confidence, and a sense that you’ll never achieve your goals. Addressing these issues proactively means clear focus at the table, the ability to stay in the zone and play your A game longer, and most importantly, the ability to correct nagging mistakes.

Fortunately, as a LearnWPT Member you have access one of the best Mental Game Coaches in the world: Jared Tendler.

Now, for a limited time (through March 24th), Jared is offering LearnWPT Students an unique opportunity to get personal feedback about your most troubling mental game issues by either ….

    1. Going here right now and submit a video question for Jared to use in his next Strategy Episode (say “Hi Jared” and state your first name) 
    2. Sending questions to Jared at [email protected]
    3. Submitting a completed “Zone Profile” and/or “A to C Game Analysis” (Episodes 120 and 136) to [email protected]. Download a copy in the Tools Section or click the links below:

You’ll get the straight answers  (no B.S) and a real plan for making sure your Mental Game is no longer a weak link. Jared’s response will be featured in a Strategy Episode next month! Jared usually only reserves this kind of one on one attention to his private clients. 

Make sure to submit all questions, videos, or worksheets by Sunday, March 24th to be considered for feedback and review in an upcoming Strategy Episode.

Jared’s response will be featured in a Strategy Episode next month! We’ll contact you if you’ve been selected.

The busy summer Tournament Season is right around the corner…. don’t waste this chance to address your Mental Game with a professional coach!

Your Chance for feedback from Jared ends in:

We look forward to receiving your questions!
-LearnWPT Team

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