Poker Is...

Today more than ever before, drama and conflict gets more attention than quiet consistency and determination. If you pay attention to social media and what is pushed the most, you know this is the case. Instead of being focused on substance and specificity, it's become a contest to see who can yell the loudest and the longest.

Poker Is... not immune to the pressures of sensationalism in media and marketing and lately seems to be getting attention for all the wrong reasons. Whether it's multi-accounting online, cheating in live stream games, or new apps that may help players solve for the best move in real time, Poker certainly has had its share of bad press. Some find that drama entertaining and are drawn to poker, albeit for the wrong reasons.

It's just not the reality of what Poker Is.


Look closer. Wade through the initial barrage of the latest "news" and the trash talk that seems to permeate coverage of the game.

What do you find?

The next time you sit down at your home game, local casino, or WPT event, take a good look at the fellow competitors at the table and you will certainly notice something different. Players there to have fun and compete - they are construction workers, school teachers, entrepreneurs, business professionals, parents, and retirees.

People just like you.


There's no team to be on or beef to carry. Just 52 cards, 5 community cards, and the best hand at showdown.

The real truth is, Poker is... a strategic game with rules and sportsmanship. A game that is here for everyone, regardless of where you're from, what you look like, your experience, or your skill. On any given day, anyone can win.

Don't get distracted by all of the noise designed to make you think what Poker Is... to them. Choose a poker community that is dedicated to helping EVERYONE learn to play, have fun, and be a part of it on their own terms.

For just $5 your first month of LearnWPT Membership join a group of experienced poker educators and players who are WPT Champions and WSOP Bracelet winners ready and willing to help you learn and grow at your pace.

Get expert step-by-step instruction based specifically on your current experience and knowledge level. Train with state of the art tools and track learning progress on your personalized dashboard.

Your journey in Poker Is shaped by your choices.

Will you spend time focused on the latest challenges or dramas? Or will you choose to focus on what matters most for your game?

Poker Is... Community
Poker Is... Comradery
Poker Is... Fun
Poker Is... Competition
Poker Is... Love of the Game
Poker Is... LearnWPT

Choose to join the LearnWPT community for just $5 your first month of Membership to see what we believe Poker Is.

We'll see you online,
-Team LearnWPT

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We created LearnWPT with the goal to provide a place that empowers players to ask questions, help get them focused, and provide a solid game-plan to bring to the table every time they sit down.

Some of the ways we accomplish this is by:

  • Teaching and presenting examples of proven, winning concepts through our Strategy Episodes (short 10-15 min videos)
  • Having Members Practice, Drill, and Play Hands using the WPT GTO Trainer for instant feedback on their decisions
  • Providing a place where Members can send questions to receive answers and guidance with the Ask a Pro Forums
  • Giving Members the ability to record and send hands they've played to receive expert analysis using the Hand Input Tool

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