Set of A♠A♣ vs a Check-Raise, what do you do here?

AA vs a check-raise - updated

In a $1/$2 Cash Game, The UTG+1 and UTG+2 players, both Middle Position players, and the Hijack all call. You are in the Cutoff seat with A♠A♣. You raise and it folds around to MP1 who calls. All other players fold and it’s heads up to the flop, which comes K♦A♦7♦. MP1 checks, you bet, and they raise. Action is on you, what do you do here?

PRO ANSWER: In this hand we are heads up to the flop in a raised pot and flop top set on a monotone board (all three flop cards are the same suit). After our continuation bet gets raised, we have to make a decision for what is likely to be the remaining effective stack.

Many players are overly concerned about the potential flush on the board. Flushes are certainly a significant portion of our opponent’s range, but overall we are still a favorite in this hand. Our opponent could hold hands like 77, AxQd, AK and A7 in addition to the many diamond combinations.

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Sets are extremely powerful because they not only beat other strong made hands, but they also can fill up to a full house or quads to beat any made flushes.

This helps our equity tremendously in situations like this one. In fact, against a reasonable opponent range that includes many flushes, we are still a 60-40 favorite in this hand.

Since there will be less than a pot sized bet left in stacks if we call and because a diamond on the turn may kill our action when our opponent has two pair or a lower set, we should move all-in on the flop.

Moving all-in is the best play.

How would you play it?
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“Did I play that hand right?”

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