Trip Tens vs a Turn Bet, what do you do here?

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In a Cash Game, holding T♠T♣ in the Big Blind, you call a raise after a tight player in MP2 raises 3 limpers preflop. You check-call MP2's continuation bet on a T♥6♠4♣ flop. Going heads up to the Q♦ turn, you check and your opponent bets. Action is on you, what do you do here?

PRO ANSWER: Against a default Villain in MP2, we should shove preflop. There is $39 in the pot already and we only have $130 behind. Also, we have multiple opponents with likely capped ranges and a hand that performs very well against most raising ranges from Middle Position players after several limpers.

Since Villain is tight preflop and likely has a narrow range, calling preflop will be more profitable. The amount of money already in the pot makes it profitable for us to call $8 more even if we only ever continued when we flopped a set.

Once we see a flop, we should check-call since top set on a dry flop eliminates most ways in which an opponent can connect with the board.

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The Q on the turn gives our opponent more ways to connect (AQ, KQ) and their very narrow hand range still includes overpairs. Check-raising all-in is very reasonable, since this type of opponent will often check back on the river rather than go for 3 streets of value.

Against an opponent who has a wider range preflop and is more aggressive postflop, calling and checking the river to induce bluffs is a better play.

However, against this type of opponent with a narrow range, check-raising all-in on the turn is the best play.

How would you play it?
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