2021 WPT Seminole Rock 'N' Roll Poker Open


The World Poker Tour returns to the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, FL this November with the $3,500 WPT Seminole Rock 'N' Roll Poker Open Main Event. Join the massive field of poker players sure to flock to Florida this November as we prepare to crown a new WPT Champion!

The huge $2 Million Guaranteed prize pool is destined to attract a record-shattering number of players and a life-changing first prize (ICU Nurse Brek Schutten claimed $1.2 million and a WPT Title in May).

Think you have what it takes to navigate a tough tournament field and have your name etched on the Mike Sexton Champions Cup?

LearnWPT is here with expert strategy tips and fun ways to train to help get your game in shape. Scroll down for free Strategy Episodes and WPT GTO Trainer solutions to get you ready to crush the competition at the WPT Seminole Rock "N" Roll Poker Open 🏆.

Get In On The Action...

The Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, FL is welcoming players back to their amazing resort and tournament venue with a full festival of poker action starting on November 17th.

This action packed series is capped off with Day 1A of the WPT Main Tour Event on November 26th. Re-entry Format - Day 1B on November 27th - Click for more information.


📅 Main Event Schedule:

Day 1A: Friday, November 26, 2021 starting at 11 a.m. ET
Day 1B: Saturday, November 27, 2021 starting at 11 a.m. ET (unlimited re-entry available until the start of Level 9)
Day 2: Sunday, November 28, 2021
starting at 12 p.m. ET
Day 3: Monday, November 29, 2021
starting at 12 p.m. ET
Day 4: Tuesday, November 30, 2021
starting at 12 p.m. ET
Final Table: Wednesday, December 1, 2021
starting at 2 p.m. ET (final table will be live streamed with 30-min delay)

The super deep championship structure for this $3,500 event offers plenty of chances to outwit and outplay your opponents. Get ready to battle with the best and play for your share of the massive $2M Guaranteed prize pool.

In case the championship structure, $2M Guaranteed prize pool, and chance to have your name cemented in history as a WPT Champion isn’t enough, you’ll also get a chance to showcase your poker skills live on the World Poker Tour Twitch stream!

Check out this exciting sneak peak of the action from the live stream of last season's WPT Seminole Hard Rock Poker Final Table:

How Does a Pro Handle The Spotlight?

Making the correct plays at a final table when there are big pay jumps in play can be very challenging. Should you play super tight and only go in with the best hands, or ramp up the aggression and attempt to run over the table?

Watch this LearnWPT Strategy Episode as Instructor Nick Binger breaks down the action from the 2017 WPT Seminole Hard Rock Poker Finale $10,000 Buy-in Event. Tune in as Nick walks you step by step through the thought process of world-class player Jason Koon as he open raises from the Button with a medium stack vs a tough defend from Terry Schumacher in the Big Blind.

How Would YOU Play This Same Spot?

Think you have what it takes to win the WPT Seminole Hard Rock 'N' Roll Poker Open and outwit a world-class Pro? It’s time to challenge the world’s perfect opponent - The WPT GTO Trainer!

Play these 5 hands to test your skills in the exact same scenario Jason found himself. The goal is to get as close to ZERO EV loss with each decision. Good luck...


At a Tournament Final Table you min-raise on the Button with a 30BB stack and the Big Blind with 50BBs calls.

Remaining Payouts (% of Prizepool): 1st = 20% | 2nd = 14% | 3rd = 9% | 4th = 6.7% | 5th = 5% | 6th = 4%

P.S. After playing the hands click the LEARN NOW button to learn the "why" behind the correct plays.

Let's Flip The Script ...

In the previous Strategy Episode Nick Binger walked you through the high-level decision making process used by Jason Koon with big money on the line at a WPT Final table vs a tough opponent in the Big Blind. Now, let's flip the script and take a dive deep into the perspective of Terry Schumacher in the Big Blind facing an open-raise from Jason on the Button.

Watch as Nick illustrates the key factors Terry Schumacher considers when defending the Big Blind vs a late position range and how techniques like floating are essential to combat Jason’s balanced multi-street barreling strategy.

Play It From the Big Blind

It’s now time to switch spots and see how you do as the defender vs the perfect opponent! Play these 5 hands to test your skills from the Big Blind vs the Button and see how close you can get to zero EV loss.


At a Final Table the Button min-raises with a 30BB stack and you call from the Big Blind with 50BBs.

Remaining Payouts (% of Prizepool): 1st = 20% | 2nd = 14% | 3rd = 9% | 4th = 6.7% | 5th = 5% | 6th = 4%

As you train remember:

  • Opponents will be opening with a narrower range, especially from out of position
  • Medium stacks (around 30BB) can be pressured with a wider raising ranges preflop, especially with many short stacks present
  • Your check-calling range should include mostly hands you would want to take to showdown such as strong 1-pair hands
  • If an Opponent bets out again on the turn beware, often this turn barreling range will be very narrow due to pay jump implications
  • Your check-raising range should be polarized and include hands like second pair, big draws, some very strong hands, and complete air
  • If you check the flop and your Opponent checks back, don’t be afraid to attack the turn with larger sizing with made hands and some draws

After playing be sure to click the LEARN NOW button to learn more strategy behind the correct plays.

Need Some Final Table Tips?


Final Table Strategy can differ dramatically from the early stages of a tournament, especially with huge pay-jumps and the prestige that only comes with winning a World Poker Tour title. Often players are unprepared for the pressure that comes with playing in front of an audience and how your decision making is affected with potentially life-changing money at stake.

While it's difficult to recreate the pressure of performing with the eyes of the world on you, you can start practicing now to succeed at the final table when it matters most.

Here are a few tips to help sharpen up your game for showtime!

  • Be aware of stack sizes and pay jumps at all times, even the slightest changes in stack sizes can shift strategy dramatically
  • When short stacks exist, there is extra pressure on the bigger stacks to avoid busting out
  • The chip leaders can use this extra pressure to win many pots while the short stack is in play
  • As a medium stack vs larger stack you should be cautious with any bets and raises and try to take marginal hands to showdown passively
  • Preflop ranges shift quite a bit at final tables due to this effect with big stacks playing much wider ranges and medium stacks much narrower ranges
  • Do not be afraid to ramp up your aggression against players that are playing tight in the hopes of laddering up

The WPT Seminole Rock 'N' Roll Poker Open will feature a cards up live streamed final table on twitch.tv/worldpokertour,

Good Luck and Have FUN!


Be sure to let us know how you do and don’t be afraid to share your success on Twitter @learnwpt and @wpt. Who knows, maybe we’ll see you at the final table, live on the stream at twitch.tv/wpt!

Good luck and good playing,

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