Zynga Poker Follow-up and more!

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Thank you for attending this fantastic event! We hope you enjoyed the LearnWPT poker strategy instruction with Nick Binger at the Zynga Poker VIP Training Session at Aria Resort & Casino.

Here are a few points from this session to remember whenever you are at the tables..

Think in Hand Ranges:

  • All hands a player may have in a given situation
  • Avoid trying to put your opponent on a specific hand
  • Position, action, and stack depth help determine ranges
  • Analyzing hand ranges is best done away from the table

Equity Advantage:

  • One range will often have a defined advantage when considering range vs range analysis
  • The tighter range usually has equity advantage
  • The range with equity advantage on any given street should usually bet
  • The range with equity disadvantage should usually check

Nut Advantage:

  • Some ranges have more big hands on specific flops
  • The range with nut advantage can realize more equity with all hands in that range
  • Having nut disadvantage when deep stacked often necessitates passive play
  • Distinct nut advantage favors increased bluffing frequency and utilization of overbetting

Advanced Continuation Betting:

  • Be aware of who has the range advantage on specific flops – especially against tough players
  • Have a checking range when you have a high stack to pot ratio (SPR) and have nut disadvantage
  • Use 1/3 pot sized bet as default when heads up on boards where your opponent is likely to fold to any bet
  • Use 3/4 pot sized bet with a range advantage on dynamic flops where cheap cards can help opponent’s range


  • A specific card that reduces the number of ways your opponent can make certain hands
  • A pair of the same rank is 50% less frequent
  • Unpaired hand is 25% less frequent
  • Matching card on the board reduces likelihood of a set by 67%

Backdoor Equity:

  • Backdoor draws add significant value to your hand’s overall playability
  • Use to naturally govern bluff frequency
  • Can be flush draws, straight draws, and overcards
  • Crucial for effective Big Blind Defense postflop play


  • Will make you tougher to play against and allow for maximizing value on made hands while increasing fold equity in bluffs
  • Capped ranges are vulnerable to overbets
  • Opponents checking behind on coordinated boards and calling when strong hands would likely raise indicate capped ranges

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Thank you again for a great event!

Good luck and good playing,
Nick and the LearnWPT Team

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