Join us in Congratulating Yves!

Our goal at LearnWPT is to help players of all skill levels succeed in improving their play in cash games and tournaments.

We continue to be overwhelmed by all of the feedback we receive from LearnWPT Members!

Not only about the success they’ve been having at the poker tables since joining or attending a Live Workshop (which is great!), but more importantly how they are improving their play by studying and implementing the LearnWPT game-plan!

Unfortunately we don't have room to post all of them, but here's a quote from Member and Live Workshop Student, Yves F. from West Vancouver, CA when we asked about his "AHA" poker moment:


"Actually, it was the day after the last day of the Borgata LearnWPT seminar.

I went down to the Borgata NL $1/$2 table and bought in for $100. I started playing my old game, and in 30 minutes I saw situation I should have played using LearnWPT that would have yielded a positive result.

I played a hand that LearnWPT said I should not, and they did not work well. Down to $40, then $20, ... I bought another $100 determined to apply what I learned.

It really is another world when you have an effective preflop strategy that works with a solid postflop game.

No heater, but solid committed play. A few all ins, some check raises, but solid positional play and my stack went over $700 in three hours. I did take a picture.

I look forward to using these new playing tools in the future."

Congratulations on your poker success, Yves! 👏

As a student of the game, Yves has the LearnWPT mindset that practicing and applying the LearnWPT game plan will put you on the path to success.

LearnWPT can do the same for you and your poker game! Try your first month of LearnWPT for only $5 or attend a LearnWPT Live Workshop and you could be our next Success Story!