Exclusive Access: C-Betting Against Tough Opponents

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Thousands of poker players from every corner of the world are ready to descend on Las Vegas to test their skills and chase the fame (and cash) that comes with winning a high profile event.

Like many of these poker players, you’re happily counting down the days to the summer tournament season and preparing for glory. You’ve got your backpack, headphones, comfortable sweatshirt, and a few buy-ins to go along with all your dreams of success on the felt.

Your dream of being a champion begins…


You sit down in your 1st event and you are dealt A♥K♥ in late position(yes!).

You raise and get one caller. The flop is a dry T♦6♠2♣ and you fire out a continuation bet.

Your opponent wastes little time and puts in a continuation raise. You fold.

A few hands later, it’s the same story…. raise first-in with a premium hand, c-bet, get floated. Turn card is no help, you have to check fold.

Sound more like a nightmare? It doesn’t have to be.

That’s why we’re giving you this exclusive access to a full LearnWPT Strategy Episode where LearnWPT Lead Instructor, Nick Binger outlines the adjustments you need to make when C-betting against Tough Opponents.

This is your opportunity to plug a leak in your game and to chase away those fears that may keep you up at night.

You’ll be back to sweet dreams of becoming a champion in no time!

Good luck and good playing!



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