Win Your Way To Thunder Valley With LearnWPT and ClubWPT!


Do You Want to Join Team LearnWPT On Tour?

ClubWPT and LearnWPT are teaming up to give you the chance to win a $5,000 Package* to the 2023 WPT® Rolling Thunder Main Event at Thunder Valley Casino Resort in Lincoln, CA!

Join us on Saturday, February 25th at 8PM EST for the LearnWPT On Tour Open exclusively on and take the first step to putting your name on the Mike Sexton Champions Cup.

New to ClubWPT? No worries, we got you covered! Join now and play FREE for 1 month (including this event!) when you sign up with bonus code LEARN23.*

Not only will the winner of this special tournament receive a $3,500 buy-in to the April 1-4, 2023 WPT Rolling Thunder Main Event plus $1,500 for travel and accommodations, they will also get an exclusive experience with Team LearnWPT including a private coaching session before the start of the tournament!

This is your chance to join Team LearnWPT On Tour and enjoy all the fun and exciting action synonymous with the World Poker Tour®.

Special Bounties on Team LearnWPT

Along the way to the final table of the LearnWPT On Tour Open on you’ll have to overcome tough opponents, and maybe even knock out a WPT Champion!


WPT Commentator and LearnWPT Instructor Tony Dunst will be in action as the 🎯 Featured Bounty (screen name TonyDunstWPT). If you’re the player who outwits Tony and takes all his chips, you’ll win Platinum Yearly Access to featuring the WPT GTO Trainer (a $996 value).

Additional Bounties on Team LearnWPT Members include:

🎯 Eric Lynch (screen name RizenLearnWPT)
💰 1 Yearly Gold Membership to ($588 Value)

🎯Adrian Naggy (screen name ANaggy)
💰 1 Yearly Silver Membership to ($288 Value)

🎯Kelly Parker (screen name feelinchippy)
💰 1 Yearly Silver Membership to ($288 Value)

Wait! There's more …

Featured Bounty Tony Dunst will be streaming his entire tournament play live on!


Tune it at 8:00 PM EST to sweat the action and hang out with an online poker legend. Jump in the chat to cheer on Tony and get valuable strategy tips for battling large field tournaments.

Team LearnWPT will also be streaming coverage of the tournament live, starting from the final few tables on until we crown a champion! Adrian Naggy will anchor the coverage and welcome the LearnWPT Instructors to break down the exciting finale (follow us on Twitch to get alerts when we are live).

Eligibility to participate for cash and prizes on ClubWPT is based on the State or Territory in which you reside. Please see the Rules, Eligibility, and Terms & Conditions below to verify your eligibility.

LearnWPT On Tour Open - All of the Action:


February 25, 2023 | 8PM EST on
Lobby Name: LearnWPT $5K VIP Pkg Qualifier & Bounty
Eligibility: ClubWPT VIP and Diamond Members
Streaming on: |

Tournament times are Eastern Standard Time

What Are the LearnWPT On Tour Open on ClubWPT Prizes?


🏆 Grand Prize (1 Winner):

$5,000 Main Event Seat Package to the 2023 WPT Rolling Thunder Main Event at Thunder Valley Casino Resort in Lincoln, CA including:

  • One (1) entry to the 2023 $3,500 WPT Rolling Thunder Main Event
  • $1,500 cash travel & hotel stipend (self-arranged flight, room & board, and incidentals)

Featured interview with Team LearnWPT including coverage in World Poker Tour Live Tournament Updates
VIP Access to activities including the Player's Party
Meet and Great and pre-tournament strategy session with Team LearnWPT at Thunder Valley Casino Resort

Prize is non-transferable and can only be redeemed at the April 2023 WPT Rolling Thunder Main Event at Thunder Valley Casino Resort

🎯 Bounty Prizes (4 Winners):

Bounty Prizes are awarded to the player that knocks out a Member of Team LearnWPT during the LearnWPT On Tour Open
Only one (1) Bounty Prize shall be awarded for each Bounty
Your Bounty Targets are:

  • Tony Dunst (screen name TonyDunstWPT): 💰 1 Yearly Platinum LearnWPT Membership ($996 Value)
  • Eric Lynch (screen name RizenLearnWPT): 💰 1 Yearly Gold LearnWPT Membership ($588 Value)
  • Adrian Naggy (screen name ANaggy): 💰 1 Yearly Silver Membership to LearnWPT ($288 Value)
  • Kelly Parker (screen name feelinchippy): 💰 1 Yearly Silver Membership to LearnWPT ($288 Value)

How Do I Play in the LearnWPT On Tour Open?

To participate in the LearnWPT On Tour Tournament on ClubWPT and be eligible to win prizes (including the $5,000 Main Event Seat prize package to the April 2023 WPT Rolling Thunder at Thunder Valley Casino Resort) you must be a ClubWPT VIP or Diamond Member.

New to ClubWPT? No worries, we got you covered! Join now and play FREE for 1 month, plus play for a chance to win a share of $100K in cash and prizes every single month on The Official Website Of The WPT® when you sign up with bonus code LEARN23.*


Head over to
Login to your ClubWPT account (please note login to ClubWPT is separate from your login credentials for your LearnWPT Membership)
Find the LearnWPT On Tour Open in the VIP TOURNEYS lobby
Click Register to join the tournament (registration starts 30 minutes prior to the scheduled start time)
When the tournament starts your table will pop up!

If the tournament does not open automatically at the start time click the MY TOURNAMENTS button. Select the LearnWPT tournament listed as LearnWPT $5K VIP Pkg Qualifier & Bounty and click the “Take Seat” button at the top of the screen.

3 Tips for Bounty Poker Tournament Play


Bounty Poker Tournaments
are a fun way to add variety to your poker tournament schedule. The real money bounty awarded for knocking out each player creates extra action plus it gives every poker player a chance to win some cash in most cases without needing to finish inside the bubble. And no one does Bounty Tournaments quite like the Thunder Valley Poker Room!

The most recent innovation in tournament bounty poker that has caused great excitement among poker players is the Lottery Style Bounty Tournament.

In this type of event (more commonly known as a Mystery Bounty or Bounty Confidential) players who make Day 2 and eliminate a player draw an envelope with the bounty amount hidden inside. Bounty amounts range from slightly less than a buy-in, all the way to 50 times the buy-in based on the total number of tournament entries.

To maximize your chances at grabbing a massive bounty there are specific strategy reminders you should be conscious of during your next Lottery Style bounty event. Check out LearnWPT Instructor and Poker Legend Andrew “LuckyChewy” Lichtenberger’s 3 key lessons for Lottery Style Bounty Tournaments below:

➧ Lesson #1: Making Day 2 in a Lottery Style Bounty Tournament is very important, but getting there with a big stack is critical to maximizing return on investment. Take thinner edges on Day 1 and focus on spots to accumulate chips before you reach the money so that you can have a better shot at accumulating bounties once you are in the money.

➧ Lesson #2: Bounties usually make up roughly one third of the prize pool. They are of most value when the average bounty amount in dollars is larger than the minimum cash and quite a bit larger than any pay jumps. Keeping track of which larger bounties have been won already is essential to making the highest expected value decisions in these types of events.

➧ Lesson #3: As the average bounty value decreases and you get deeper in the tournament where the prize money and associated pay jumps in the actual prize pool are larger than the average bounty amount, winning a bounty should be much less of an important factor in your decision making. Where previously you might have made a thin call to potentially win a huge bounty, you should instead evaluate this spot in terms of your overall tournament.

For more information and strategy on the different types of Bounty Poker Tournaments visit

Get Ready To Play Your Best!

Before the next LearnWPT On Tour Tournament Series event on ClubWPT make sure you brush up on trouble spots in your game with all of the awesome features on LearnWPT.

  • Use Search to quickly find resources to help your game
  • Watch Strategy Episodes and learn valuable concepts with real world examples
  • Download range charts & betting guides from our Tools Section
  • Share your hands and get expert feedback from Team LearnWPT with Ask A Pro
  • Practice vs the perfect opponent with the WPT GTO Trainer
  • Talk poker with fellow Members in the LearnWPT Community


Not a LearnWPT Member?

The best way to prepare for success at the table and on is a Membership to LearnWPT. Whether you are brand new to poker training or you’re an experienced student this is your chance to learn from world-class professional poker players in a friendly community using state of the art tools.

Join for just $5 for your first month or upgrade to any of our LearnWPT Membership Tiers listed here

After joining you'll gain access to LearnWPT Training with WPT GTO Trainer packs, Downloadable Tools, 500+ Strategy Videos (and more)

We'll See You On Tour at Thunder Valley!


HAVE FUN and don’t forget to share your success via email to [email protected] or follow us and share on social.

Twitter @LearnWPT | Facebook @learnwpt | Instagram @learn_wpt

Join us for the LearnWPT On Tour Open on ClubWPT!

Good luck and good playing,
- Team LearnWPT

*LearnWPT On Tour Open on ClubWPT Rules, Eligibility, and Terms & Conditions:

Prize Eligibility:

Eligibility to participate for cash and prizes on is based on the State or Territory in which you reside. Local laws determine the guidelines for the sweepstakes eligibility. If your territory does not allow for sweepstakes games, then it is deemed ineligible and you cannot participate in sweepstakes poker tournaments.

Click here for Official Rules for eligible States or Territories:

Alabama, Florida and Michigan ClubWPT™ sweepstakes eligibility period runs from January 1, 2023 through February 28, 2023. ClubWPT may extend sweepstakes eligibility to Alabama, Florida and Michigan again in the future at its discretion. See Official Rules for Alabama, Florida and Michigan residents at ClubWPT's Terms of Service.

ClubWPT Prize Eligibility - Locations

Terms & Conditions:

  • Must be an active subscriber of ClubWPT VIP or Diamond in order to be eligible for prize at time of award.
  • Prizes listed are available only through participation in the LearnWPT On Tour Open on ClubWPT on February 25, 2023.
  • Conditions apply. See LearnWPT Terms of Service for details. LearnWPT is not a gambling or gaming site.
  • ClubWPT VIP or Diamond Members must be from prize eligible locations to participate. To see the full list of prize eligible locations - visit
  • Players must be 18 years or older to attend and play online games. Void where prohibited by law. To see the full list of prize eligible locations - visit
  • Players must be 21 years of age to be eligible for the grand prize.
  • Virtual coaching sessions will be recorded and winners hereby acknowledge and agree to the footage release terms per the Terms of Service and constitutes permission for LearnWPT and its agencies to use your name, voice, and/or likeness for purposes of advertising, promotion and publicity.
  • LearnWPT is not responsible for access or technical issues during the tournament. Contact ClubWPT for technical support during game play.

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