Top Pair vs a Check-Raise, what do you do?

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In a Cash Game, it folds to you on the Button with A♣Q♠ and you raise. The Small Blind folds and the Big Blind calls. The Flop comes K♣7♠A♥. The Big Blind checks. You bet, and the Big Blind raises. Action is on you, what do you do here?

PRO ANSWER: Hand ranges of both players are very wide due to this being a Button vs Big Blind hand. Also, our opponent is very shallow stacked (29 big blinds starting), which means the range of hands that they should be willing to check-raise all-in (or effectively all-in) is fairly wide.

Our perceived range after raising on the Button is also very wide, so the Big Blind could raise for value with many hands worse than ours. They could easily check-raise for value with AJ and AT type hands as well as other worse Aces.

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We beat their value raising range, so even without constructing a bluffing range for them, this should be a continue with AQ.

One of the key factors for postflop play is SPR (stack to pot ratio). In this case, with an effective SPR of 4 we should not fold top pair best kicker when both players' starting hand ranges are very wide, as is the case here.

Reraising all-in is the best play.

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