On Tour: 2023 WPT Seminole Rock ‘N’ Roll Poker Open

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Team LearnWPT is back On Tour and returning to our home on the east coast at the incredible Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, FL for the WPT Seminole Rock ‘N’ Roll Poker Open Championship featuring a massive $3 Million Guaranteed prize pool.

The excitement is building as the WPT hopes for a repeat of the 2022 series where the Main Event prize pool soared to almost $5 Million and Andrew Wilson claimed $785,500 and the WPT Title!

Join your poker family for a bountiful feast of flops, turns, and rivers as grinders and shot takers descend on Seminole Hard Rock Hollywood to find out who will be crowned the next WPT Champion!


WPT Main Tour stops at Seminole Hard Rock Hollywood are legendary for smashing guarantees and awarding massive 1st place prizes and this year’s Rock 'N' Roll Poker Open should be no exception.

This is your chance to join what is sure to be a massive field of poker fans and pros chasing the Mike Sexton Champions Cup! If you are ready to jump in the action and want to parlay a small buy-in into a life changing score, you’ll definitely want to take advantage of the Championship Event satellites starting as low as $150!

Championship Strategy From Team LearnWPT

Team LearnWPT is no stranger to success at Seminole Hard Rock Hollywood, with 2 of Brian Altman’s WPT Titles coming at the venue.

We are here to serve up a healthy portion of poker tournament tactics and tools to keep you focused and playing your best poker during the $3,500 WPT Championship Event. Check out the strategies in this blog and you’ll be ready to jump in the action.

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Get an edge on your competition with expert poker strategies from proven winners who know how to succeed when the pressure is on!

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Get In on the Action …


The 2023 Rock ‘N’ Roll Poker Open Festival kicked off on November 15h with the $400 Deep Stack $2,000,000 Guaranteed opener.

There are plenty of lower buy-in events and a ton of satellites into the Championship Event, so you don’t have to stretch your poker bankroll to join the fun including a $200 buy-in event on Thanksgiving Day with a $3,500 seat to the WPT Championship Event added to 1st place!

📅 Festival Dates:
Start: Wednesday, November 15, 2023
End: Wednesday, November 29, 2023
Click here for the full Festival schedule


Day 1A of the $3 Million Guaranteed WPT Championship Event starts on Friday November 24th and offers 2 full starting days plus re-entry format, Day 1B on November 25th - click for more information.

The $3,500 event features a super deep championship structure giving you plenty of chances to chip up and build a final table stack.

🗓️ WPT Championship Event Schedule:
➧ Day 1A Friday, November 24th starting at 11AM ET
➧ Day 1B Saturday, November 25th starting at 11AM ET
Day 2 Sunday, November 26th starting at 12PM ET
➧ Day 3 Monday, November 27th starting at 12PM ET
➧ Day 4 Tuesday, November 28th starting at 12PM ET
➧ Final Table Wednesday, November 29th starting at 2PM ET
Final table will be live streamed with 30-min delay

View ⚡ Live Stream on WPT Twitch, WPT YouTube or WPT.com

Jump into the action and compete for your share of this massive $3,000,000 Guaranteed prize pool.

Tips From Tony & Adrian

LearnWPT’s Tony Dunst and Adrian Naggy are huge fans of the poker action at Seminole Hard Rock Hollywood and are excited to head back to this amazing venue.

Check out this chat from last year's festival to hear about Tony’s run in the Championship event and get some tips on structuring your study routine to avoid burnout and stay sharp for the $3M Guaranteed WPT Rock N’ Roll Poker Open.

P.S. if you see the guys on site be sure to say hi!

Battling From the Blinds With Brian Altman


Practicing from the Blinds will have a dramatic impact on your tournament results, particularly in higher buy-in tournaments with tougher competition. Facing aggressive late position opponents with marginal hands, especially hands containing an ace with a weak kicker, often result in making huge mistakes.

3x World Poker Tour Champion and WPT Player of the Year Brian Altman is no stranger to tough battles playing from the blinds against the world’s best poker players.

Watch this LearnWPT Strategy Episode as Brian details his strategy from this spot from a $5,300 event at Seminole Hard Rock Hollywood to demonstrate championship play from the Big Blind facing an aggressive and tricky player on the Button.

Tony Dunst on Broadway

WPT-Seminole-Rock-Roll-Tony Dunst

Broadway hands (any 2 card combo that can make an A-K-Q-J-T straight) are often preferred combos for taking aggressive actions like raising first-in to the pot and 3-betting. While sometimes the approach to play these hands can seem straightforward, there are often very close decisions with hands even as strong as top pair particularly when stacks are shallow.

LearnWPT Instructor Tony Dunst played 3 key hands during a WPT Main Event at Seminole Hard Rock Hollywood, and he took some time to break down the unique lessons from each spot.

Check out this Strategy Episode to learn the importance of position and SPR (Stack to Pot Ratio) when it comes to playing broadway hands as both the initial raiser and when defending the blinds. Tony shows you how the strategy shifts based on the situation and how a WPT Champion breaks down these spots to improve their play.

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Get Final Table Inspired


LearnWPT Member Adrian Naggy and WPT Champions Club Member, Matthew Waxman called the Final table action of the 2022 Rock 'N' Roll Poker Open Championship Event as LearnWPT Instructor Brian Altman chased history & went for his 4th WPT Title!

Watch a WPT Championship in Action…

Are YOU Final Table Ready?

To make sure you are prepared to shine for the cameras and show off your skills, we’ve got some important strategies to share to help you get ready. Final Table Strategy can differ dramatically from the early stages of a tournament, especially with huge pay-jumps and the prestige that only comes with winning a World Poker Tour Title.


Often poker players are unprepared for the pressure that comes with playing in front of an audience with life-changing money at stake. When you are facing the pressure of big pay jumps and the studio lights seem just a little too bright, it’s important to stay focused and make objective decisions.

Can You Stay Aggressive at the Final Table?

Picture yourself as one of 6 remaining players at the $3M Guaranteed WPT Seminole Hard Rock ‘N’ Roll Championship Final Table with big money and a title on the line.

How do you play your 30 big blind stack from the Button against a call from a tough chip leader with two short stacks in play?


Payouts: 1st = 20%, 2nd = 14%, 3rd = 9%, 4th = 6.7%, 5th = 5%, 6th = 4%

Play hands from a WPT GTO Trainer Final Table Pack to see firsthand how preflop ranges affect your decisions at the final table.

Here are some tips when practicing with the WPT GTO Trainer:

  • Your goal is to select the action for each individual hand that is as close to 0.00 EV as possible
  • EV Loss of 0.00 is the same action a GTO Player would take
  • 0.00 EV Loss means you broke even against a GTO Player
  • EV Loss Color Coding Hint:
    • Green = Near GTO Play
    • Orange = Take Caution
    • Red = Probable Leak in Your Game

Members can practice more hands from this scenario by playing the 30BB Button Open Vs 70BB Big Blind Call WPT GTO Trainer pack!

Tips To Sharpen Up Your Game for Showtime

  • Be aware of stack sizes and pay jumps at all times, even the slightest changes in stack sizes can shift strategy dramatically
  • When short stacks exist, there is extra pressure on the bigger stacks to avoid busting out
  • The chip leaders can use this extra pressure to win many pots while the short stack is in play
  • As a medium stack vs larger stacks be cautious with any bets and raises and try to take marginal hands to showdown passively
  • Preflop ranges shift quite a bit at final tables due to this effect with big stacks playing much wider ranges and medium stacks much narrower ranges
  • Do not be afraid to ramp up your aggression against players that are playing tight in the hopes of laddering up

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Train With Poker Champions LIVE in Vegas!

Join LearnWPT Instructors Andrew "LuckyChewy" Lichtenberger, Tony Dunst, and Eric "Rizen" Lynch this December 4th-5th for an immersive LearnWPT Live at Wynn Las Vegas Tournament Strategy Workshop which includes Lab Sessions and a freeroll satellite into the $5 Million Guaranteed WPT Prime Championship.


Learn Championship Strategy for 2 days then test your skills against fellow classmates in an exclusive freeroll satellite with two (2) seats to $5M GTD WPT Prime Championship Main Event awarded to the 1st & 2nd place finishers.

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Have FUN, Good Luck, and Good Playing!

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-Team LearnWPT

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