How Do You Play Pocket Pairs?

Pocket pairs can be tricky, and misplaying them can put your chips in serious trouble!

A pocket pair can look great preflop but how does the strength of your hand change on the Flop, Turn, or River?

Whether you have ducks, treys, walking sticks, snowmen, ladies, cowboys, or rockets, understanding what your pocket pair is worth on every street will give you a skill edge against your opponents.

Put your skills to the test in these decisions involving pocket pairs!

1. 3♥3♠ with 17BB Stack
2. 5♦5♣ in the Small Blind
3. 6♠6♣ on the Flop
4. J♠J♥ on the Turn
5. T♣T♠ on the River

Understanding and mastering these strategies will give you the opportunities to exert a skill edge against your opponents and play your pocket pairs effectively:

Keep on practicing!


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How are these scenarios helping your game?
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