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Are you in Vegas for the live tournament grind this fall and looking to brush up your skills?

Check out this free collection of No-Limit Texas Hold'em poker tournament strategy tips and tools from LearnWPT Instructors and WSOP bracelet winners Nick Binger, Vanessa Selbst, Tony Dunst and Mental Game Coach Jared Tendler.

Team LearnWPT is here to help keep you focused and make sure you are ready to make your big score 🏆.


Mental Game Coach Jared Tendler has been on the rail helping WSOP winners succeed for over a decade! Watch this LearnWPT Strategy Episode from Jared as he provides a game plan for getting your tactical and mental game strategy ready for success and helps you prepare for a demanding poker schedule.

Poker Tournament Preparation Quick Tips:

  • Keep it simple! Don't start introducing new concepts - focus on known issues in your game
  • Develop and work on a poker routine based on good sessions
  • Go through a pregame warm-up before each session
  • Take "no poker" breaks to reset and reserve energy
  • Manage your over excitement


These 5 Key Factors are important for you to think about every time you play a hand and they will guide your decisions on later streets:

  1. Always be aware of Position
  2. Know the Stack Depth and Effective Stack in terms of big blinds
  3. Assign Preflop Ranges (not a specific hand) based on each player’s position and how they entered the pot
  4. Note the Number of Opponents seeing the flop
  5. Understand the Board Texture and how it affects your next move

Brush up on the Key Factors by watching these Strategy Episodes:

The 5 Keys Of Poker Tournament Strategy Quick Tips:

To build mental muscle memory for these concepts in real-time, focus on the 5 Key Factors even when you are NOT in the hand. Notice hands that were shown down, you’ll find an interesting trend...

  • The more players that see the flop, the stronger the average hand will be at showdown
  • The more coordinated a board is, the more likely it is someone has a strong draw or made hand
  • Multiway and Coordinated? You’ll likely see the strongest possible hands in a player’s range at showdown


There is one decision you must make in every hand you play - what to do when action folds to you preflop.

Predetermining which hands to open with preflop across various stacks size frees up mental energy and allows you to focus more on outplaying your opponent.

Watch this Strategy Episode as LearnWPT Instructor Nick Binger guides you through using these ranges properly. Make sure you download the charts ↓ ↓ and review them before you play, in between hands, or after your session.

You'll develop Muscle Memory for preflop play by simply reviewing the charts and putting them into practice at the table!

First-In-Hand Range-Charts-Tournaments

First-In Hand Ranges Quick Tips:

  • Raise or fold, do NOT call
  • Your goal is to restrict the number of opponents seeing the flop to 1 or 2 on average
  • Find your "standard" raise size for each level. A raise size resulting in 3+ callers is NOT working


Review this LearnWPT Strategy Episode as Nick gives First-In Hand Ranges when you have a 20 Big Blind Stack in a Tournament and provides an easy to remember methodology for adjusting to opponents in real-time.

Moves for Different Stack Sizes Quick Tips:

  • If it folds around to you with less than 10BBs in your stack, either fold or move all-in. Do not limp or call!
  • Reshoving is powerful with 10-20BB stacks. Ideal stack size for reshoving is around 6x the initial raise amount
  • With 30-50BBs reraising exerts pressure on the raiser & allows you to win uncontested pots. As a default, make it 3x their raise size


Team LearnWPT is no stranger to the bright lights of the final table and big money pressure. Get some insight from two of the best!

Watch this Strategy Episode from LearnWPT Instructor and WPT Commentator Tony Dunst for key insights on how world-class Players think through hands.

Making Moves Quick Tips:

  • Making moves is necessary to becoming a winning player
  • Moves work best against fewer opponents. Rarely bluff in multiway pots
  • You must become comfortable with situational poker

Check out this Strategy Episode from LearnWPT Instructor Vanessa Selbst as she answers Student submitted questions regarding c-betting in multiway pots and key factors for becoming a dominating professional player.

Overcoming Your Fears Quick Tips:

  • Aggression wins in Poker
  • Practice making moves! Fear prevents us from accumulating lots of chips and becoming a chip leader
  • Enjoy playing the game and you'll have a better chance of success


Think you have what it takes to take down the championship and outwit a world-class Pro? It’s time to challenge the world’s perfect opponent - The WPT GTO Trainer!

Play these 5 hands to test your skills and learn the exact move to make. After playing watch the Strategy Episode for a detailed breakdown of each decision point as LearnWPT Instructor Nick Binger analyzes the same hands you just played. Good luck...

MP2 vs Button 1005 - optmzd.gif

With 50 big blind stacks you open raise to 2.5BBs from Middle Position and the Button calls.

Do your best to choose the ideal action at every point. Your goal is to keep "EV Loss" in the green and close to 0.

P.S. After playing the hands click the WATCH NOW button to follow along as Nick plays the exact same hands and learn the "why" behind the correct plays.


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HAVE FUN! Remember that you are playing the game you love and all of your hard work will show through.

Good luck and good playing,

P.S. Played a hand you were unsure of? LearnWPT Members send them in using the Ask a Pro Forums for help from our Pros.

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