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This article LearnWPT Reviews is specifically designed to assist you in attaining a greater comprehension of playing poker, in order to benefit as much from the LearnWPT Platform as our members and students did, which will ultimately help you achieve a greater poker strategy and gain all the confidence needed to play and win tournaments.

Introduced in 2016, LearnWPT is the Official Poker Education Platform of the World Poker Tour® (WPT®), that will teach you how to play poker like a pro, take the skills you already have acquired to the next level, and allow you to learn the game of poker based on your personalized skill level, schedule, and budget.

Becoming a professional in any field requires a great deal of diligence and dedication, and poker is no exception. With acclaimed instructors and professional poker players on our team, including Brian Altman, Vanessa Selbst, Tony Dunst, and Andrew “LuckyChewy” Lichtenberger, LearnWPT members have exclusive access to improve their poker strategies, upgrade their No-Limit Hold’em game, and develop decision-making, regardless of their experience.

🎯Why is LearnWPT the Best Choice For You?

LearnWPT is a platform proven in helping players of all skill levels, both to fix their weaknesses and grow their strengths. With monthly and yearly membership options available at Silver Tier, Gold Tier or Platinum Tiers, you can choose a plan packed with features that are specifically designed to help improve your game.

You can choose to upgrade membership levels at any time, and by upgrading not only will you be able to experience substantially more WPT GTO Trainer scenarios, but you will also have early access to new features and live training events.

Even more, by upgrading to a yearly plan you will be able to save up to a staggering $600 on Digital and Live Workshops.

If these membership features have you anxious to get started learning poker - just wait until you hear the rest.

With the Ask a Pro Feature, you will be able to ask any poker questions and get advice straight from professional players, including the ability to submit your hands for analysis by simply entering your hand info on a poker table.

The Hand Input Tool (HIT) Feature is an essential part of a consistent study plan for poker. Documenting and sharing hands you played to share directly with winning players with HIT allows you to find leaks faster and develop a cycle of constant improvement for your poker game.

The LearnWPT Membership also features a comprehensive on-demand library featuring over 100 hours of video Strategy Episodes, that deliver in-depth strategy concepts and examples in short 10-15 minute segments. Search the interactive database or use the sort/filter feature to target the exact concepts and strategies you want to study.

The WPT GTO Trainer allows you to play Game Theory Optimal (GTO) mathematically solved poker hands against a computer simulation and get immediate feedback on your play in real-time. Train as many hands as you like with over 4 billion solved spots published and counting including cash game, tournament, heads-up, and final table ICM strategies.

🙋What Our Members Say About LearnWPT Digital Platform?🙋‍♀


It's Never Too Late to Win Gold!🏆

Sue Faber - WSOP Bracelet cropped - optmzd.jpg

Susan Faber, a 71-year-old tax accountant that enjoys playing poker as a hobby, showed up to the 50th WSOP event with the goal of enjoying herself and being competitive. When the dust settled Sue navigated the massive 2000+ player field and collected her first WSOP bracelet, with a $500 buy-in event with a $121,161 first place prize.

Susan chose this event due to it being a Salute to Warriors No-Limit Hold’em event, where an impressive amount of $43,075 was raised for charity. After being introduced to online poker 10 years ago by her son, Sue’s interest in the game peaked and she started looking for classes where she could improve. That’s when Sue found the LearnWPT workshop training events held live in Las Vegas.

Sue’s plan for success includes using LearnWPT membership features to up her game. Specific tasks for improvement include reviewing Strategy Episodes, focusing on adding new strategies to improve, and incorporating Jared Tendler's Mental Game strategies to handle big losses. She now relies on learning and memorizing the opening hand ranges, helping to free up mental energy to focus on her next moves, as well as using board texture to make consistent betting decisions

After dominating the final table, Susan stated that LearnWPT has given her the skills and confidence needed to win the bracelet, and that she would be coming back.

‘The Couple That Plays Together, Stays Together’👫


Lisa and Scott Roberts, known as Team Roberts, have been married for 37 years and have a true passion for the game of poker. Since beginning their poker journey Scott and Lisa have earned $125,000 in poker tournament winnings.

Scott and Lisa are super-students of LearnWPT, having attended several Live and Digital LearnWPT Workshops, acquiring knowledge and powering them to several huge wins. Team Roberts has amassed a list of impressive results including Scott winning the WSOP Circuit $400 event in Florida for $6,994, and Lisa earning second place in a $250 seniors event for $5,284, as well as taking sixth in a $600 turbo for $2,100. Scott also amassed enough points with several deep finishes to be named the player of the series.

Scott is quick to reveal that he and Lisa didn't realize how much they didn't know about the game until discovered LearnWPT Live Workshops and the interactive LearnWPT.com training platform, where the platform instructors and professional poker players Nick Binger and Andrew Lichtenberger 'opened their eyes up'.

With Nick Binger's advice on building aggression into your game which included playing to raise on the button every time action folded to them regardless of the cards they had, as well as to 4-bet if one of the blinds 3-bet, the couple stepped out of their comfort zone and incorporated a more bold and assertive strategy to their game.

The instructors' guidance definitely paid off. The exact week that Nick Binger provided the eye-opening strategy advice, Lisa made the final table and both she and Scott made $10,000 playing tournaments. Both members of Team Roberts mentioned the specific manner in which LearnWPT has influenced their game. Lisa has embraced a more aggressive approach, and Scott has learned to adjust his game to various scenarios, with both of them learning how to maximize their profits.

Crediting LearnWPT for shaping them into a winning team, Lisa has stated that the platform classes are the best poker money they have ever spent, and they plan to continue their LearnWPT journey.

LearnWPT Student Bryant Seeing the Skills He Has Acquired Pay Off!

Bryant Morrision - WSOP Ring win - optmizd.jpg

Bryant Morrison, a passionate and life-long poker player, recently won his first WSOP Circuit Ring in the Seniors Event at the Choctaw Durant stop, receiving an impressive $13,948 for a $250 buy-in.

A LearnWPT Platinum Member, Bryant attended two LearnWPT Live Workshops, which, according to him, have helped him understand the game better and attain a greater strategy.

The significance of participating in both workshops with fellow players trying to improve their game, and direct access to have your play observed and get immediate feedback from instructors and professional poker players, is integral in Bryant’s growth as a player. The flexibility of on-demand access and comprehensive selection of content has helped him sharpen his game much better than simply playing poker.

The key feature that drives Bryant’s success is the WPT GTO Trainer. By practicing vs the world’s perfect poker opponent, Bryant developed strategies and patterns needed to minimize his losses and maximize expected value which shaped him into a skilled player capable of identifying those same scenarios at the tables and executing the moves when the pressure is on.

Through small amounts of consistent effort over time studying and practicing LearnWPT game plan, Bryant’s perspective on poker has changed dramatically, thinking of stack size as BBs and always knowing where he is in the tournament.

As for aspiring players improving their No-Limit Hold’em game, Bryant once again recommends using the WPT GTO trainer. The ability to play and practice on your own time and schedule, as opposed to having to travel to a casino is key to developing a steady practice routine and measuring your improvement.

Making History Winning Rings and Casino Championships!


Manju G. managed to make history by becoming the 1st woman to win a WSOP Circuit ring at Thunder Valley Resort Casino. She credits the LearnWPT workshop she attended at Commerce Casino for providing her both with the needed confidence and a strategic blueprint required to manage different poker tournament sections, allowing her to cash in more times in the last 7 months than all of last year and earning her the title of the Casino Champion and a free $10,000 seat.

Yves F. is a long-time LearnWPT member who made use of his interactive experience at a LearnWPT Live Workshop to run up a big cash game stack at Borgata by utilizing effective preflop strategies that work with a solid postflop game.

Yet another LearnWPT member, Rhode, from Wimauma, FL, began playing poker in 2015, with no strategy or understanding of the game. Motivated by LearnWPT commercials during a televised broadcast of the World Poker Tour, Rhode decided to join LearnWPT. After just a few video lessons and attending a LearnWPT workshop, Rhode was able to win 2 cruise ship tournaments, the second one valued at $3800, as well as a $750 entry into the $100,000 tournament on the new cruise. In 2017, he played 71 tournaments, 11 of which he won, adding 8 more cashes.

Last but not least, LearnWPT members Tazo and Shirley, from Las Vegas, NV, who are retired and jokingly say that they have more than 150 years combined, have taken up playing tournaments and learning poker strategies. Tazo and Shirley are dedicated students and subscribers to LearnWPT and due to their following the LearnWPT curriculum both cash consistently, in 30-35% range, playing 300+ tournaments last year. Having fun while doing it, as well as reviving and strengthening their poker game, Tazo and Shirley are proud to share how the LearnWPT game-plan has changed their lives drastically.

Meet Your LearnWPT Instructors


As proven world-class professional poker players, with combined tournament winnings of over $30 million and counting, plus decades of coaching and helping others achieve their goals, our LearnWPT Instructors are key in helping you become a skilled poker player.

With a distinctive personality and a loyal following, Tony Dunst’s career accomplishments include a spot on the MIke Sexton WPT Champions Cup, 2x WSOP Bracelet and WSOP Circuit Ring winner, and more than $3.9 Million in live tournament winnings.

Poker legend Andrew "LuckyChewy" Lichtenberger, whose steady and mindful approach to poker ultimately led to him becoming a household name achieved career highlights by becoming the $100,000 buy-in WPT Alpha 8 Champion, WSOP Bracelet winner, and securing more than $11 Million in live tournaments.

As the Founder and President of LearnWPT, Nick Binger is the pioneer of interactive poker training features including Ask A Pro, the Hand Input Tool, and the WPT GTO Trainer. Nick's extensive educational background and unique ability to translate complex poker strategy into simple language is the cornerstone of the LearnWPT curriculum. With over $2.4 Million in live tournament earnings including WSOP bracelets in 2011 and 2020, Nick Binger has demonstrated the unique ability to be a prolific poker educator that can back it up with success on the felt.

Michael Gagliano is a perennial force on both the online and live poker felt. Known as “Gags30” in the virtual poker landscape, Michael is a consistent winner and a dedicated poker educator for his students. Previously a kindergarten teacher, Micheal uses his real-world knowledge, being a WSOP Bracelet winner with more than $6 million in tournaments, who has been coaching and helping others achieve their poker goals for a decade, training more than 50 students who have participated in and won multiple championships.

With 3 WSOP Bracelets and almost $12 Million in live tournament winnings to her name, Vanessa Selbst is the most successful female poker player of all time. Vanessa’s relentless and attacking approach to tournament poker has been a catalyst for new theories and approaches to poker strategy throughout her storied career. Her unique insights on exploitative strategy and focus on targeting opponent weakness are a hallmark of modern poker strategy. Not satisfied with simply being a poker player, Vanessa uses her poker platform, experience and knowledge to help significant causes, as well as to teach and coach others.

Jared Tendler is the prolific creator of the Mental Game of Poker, volumes 1 and 2. After transitioning from the world of competitive golf, Jared developed a comprehensive system to discover the root cause of emotions and deliver a method to manage them at the poker table. Jared’s comprehensive strategy for facing poker tilt head-on and injecting logic to guide your decisions has been a key factor in the daily training process for several WPT, WSOP, EPT, PCA, and online poker champions.

Brian Altman is one of the most dominant Champions in World Poker Tour History. One of 3 players in history to hold at least World Poker Tour Titles, Brian is a high-performance expert who is highly skilled at performing under pressure when the stakes are the highest. As a LearnWPT Instructor Brian showcases the unique mindset and creative adaptation necessary to navigate massive tournament fields and develop new strategies in real time to consistently finish in the winners' circle. Brian's incredible poker resume includes 3 WPT Main Tour Titles and over $5.5M dollars in tournament earnings.


  • 🎥 500+ Video Strategy Episodes (more added weekly)
  • 🎯 100+ WPT GTO Trainer Solutions
  • 📊 Downloadable Tools and Interactive Charts
  • 📇 Save and Share your Hands with HIT
  • 👨‍🏫 Get Answers from Poker Experts with Ask A Pro

From beginning player to seasoned expert, join today and have fun improving your game!